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Why Using Excel Will Set You Up for Non-Compliance.

George Azih Accounting in Excel, FASB Topic 840, FASB Topic 842 June 29, 2018

Excel is an accountant’s best friend. The ubiquitous software has been around for over 30 years and most of us can’t imagine a world without it. It seems like it can do anything.

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5 Simple Reasons Excel isn't Suitable for Lease Accounting

George Azih Accounting in Excel December 7, 2016

Why do you track leases?  You probably monitor your leases for the very simple reasons of knowing how much you pay for rent, your renewal notification deadlines, and tracking common area...

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Using Excel to Calculate Present Value of Minimum Lease Payments

George Azih Accounting in Excel December 6, 2016

This is the ONE thing you MUST be able to do under the new lease accounting rules:

The new lease accounting rules require the vast majority of leases to be capitalized. The capitalized amount is...

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LeaseQuery SAVED over $28,000 in overpayments for one client. How much could it be COSTING You?

George Azih Accounting in Excel, Lease Accounting Transition December 6, 2016

You won’t believe how much we just SAVED a client!!!

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